Restaurants in ZuriNord

My Kitchen My new favorite (in Oerlikon! no less) Malyasian with severely delicous Malaysian bread, Roti Canai. No alcohol and no credit cards at the moment. yum
Kerala really nice indian by radiostudio
Asiaway Holy Cow! Some of their food is really fantastic. Fresh herbs and lovely sauces. Oerlikon has some great restaurants.
Mirch Masala in Seebach, Glatttalstrasse 104, said to be very good and cheap, BYOB, I haven't tried it yet.
Dapur Indonesia said to be good, I haven't tried it yet.
Schnitzelhuus If you want a good schnitzel, this is the place to come. Portraits of austrian and french kings and kaisers is the decor. Soemtimes the servers are wearing traditional clothes which makes for a nice atmosphere to bring visitors.
Cheyenne We eat here a lot it seems. The food isn't the best in the world but sometimes we just like a cheeseburger close to home. The atmosphere is like a sports bar. It can get loud inside. In the summer, it is a nice place to sit outside.
Giesserei Good Restaurant in Oerlikon, pricey but good
Rolli's Steakhouse Our birthday standard, good steak served on a hot stone, reserved at least a week in advance
Stadionli restaurant at the Kunsteisbahn Oerlikon Siewerdstrasse 80 043 333 49 14 ; The restaurant belongs to the Ice Skating Rink so you would think the food would be terrible but the nightly specials are excellent.
Il Postino we meet friends here for pizza
Fine Choice Next to the Burger King in Oerlikon, when we want to eat something fast and cheap we get the veggie noodles here because the meat is not the best quality.
Coopers Pub for when you need a pint o' guiness

Cheti's Curry Indian and Sri Lankan Food, very very good curry, Seefeldstrasse 7A 8008 Zurich Tel: 043 268 55 85
The Bombay Store Stampfenbachstr. 32 8006 Zurich 079 200 14 18 Good cheap indian food for 8-10 SFr per plate, Hallal if you're into that
India Street Food "Sri Lankan, Indian food. Langstrasse 213 8005 Zurich, woo, samosas and other tasty deep-fried hand held food for 3 CHF each. Mo - Sa 11:30-23:30
Sternen Grill at Bellevueplatz täglich 07:00-24:00 - the best bratwurst stand
Bambushain Vogelsangstrasse 33 8006. Tel: +41 44 363 22 28 Korean food, Yummy lunch buffet. 24 CHF for buffet and a mineral water.
Palmhof good swiss food at a good price and they serve water for free without you having to ask Universitńtstrasse 23 8006 ZŘrich
Hot Pasta near the ETH main building, best taste to price ratio in Zurich by far
Samurai - best sushi I have had in Zurich, Weststrasse 180, 8003 Z├╝rich +41-43-811-5678
Ah-Hua GMBH Best Thai in Zurich at about 18-20 SFr per plate. Brauerstrasse 9 8004 Open from 11-21 Uhr. 01 241 39 37 I make Homer Simpson noises when i think of this place. There is another one at Helvetiaplatz
Restaurant Schlauch Münstergasse 20 ObereZäune 17 Niederdorf good organic Swiss food for about 20-25 Sfr per plate. Lots of pool tables too.
Baur au Lac Talstrasse 1. 01 220 50 20 Best sunday brunch with the most fantastic dessert bar. It costs around 85 Sfr so to get your money's woth, don't eat the day before. Reservation required.
Imagine in the Hauptbahnhof, food is ok, not great and at night it can be quite loud, however we really enjoyed the sunday brunch which was a lot of food at a decent price (for Zurich)
Der gruene Libanon Lebanese kebobs by the main train station
Mohrenkopf, Niederdorfstrasse 31, my favorite cafe in zurich, they have good food, nice coffe and their speciality are Mohrenkopfs, marshmallow inside and chocolate outside

Reithalle Gessnerallee 8 nice place to eat and sit outside in the summer
Restaurant Hirslanderhof Geheimtip Forchstrasse 76, 8008
Restaurant Rigiblick One of the best dining experiences I have had, everything was tip top, lunch menu took 2.5 hours for 4 courses
Restaurant Cedre Everyone's favorite Lebanese Restaurant, Badnerstrasse 78 8004 Zurich 044 241 4272, needs a reservation, really great food
Keo Thai Restaurant Decent thai food. around 23 SFr for a curry but they charged us 5.50 for rice
Kropf Good Swiss food, not too expensive.
Roi-et Daniel said that this food actually uses the whole scale of hotness i.e. they might actually produce food that is too hot to eat.
Beyond Good chinese food next to the Bahnhof, Zollstrasse 20 8005 043 355 8345
kantorei Good Swiss food, not cheap. neumarkt 2, 044 252 27 27
Restaurant Pergola Recommended by Markus - get some kind of fleisch for two
Restaurant Tapas Haldenbachstrasse 3 8006 044 261 80 40- lunch menus from 16 CHF of soup or salad and a main course - the soup is usually excellent
Ristorante Al Forno Universitaetstrasse 40 044 251 65 77 decent pizza close to work
Bierhalle Reinfelder Niederdorf decent swiss food, cheap by swiss standards.
Mere Catherine Nägelihof 3/Niederdorf - good food for about 70CHF per person for dinner, wine and dessert
Restaurant Hiltl Sihlstr. 28 Tel. 01 221 38 70   Vegetarian
Linde Oberstrass Back & Brau , Heinrichstrasse 267  / Universitätsstrasse 91
Il Golosone GmbH Italienische Spezialitaeten 8001 Zuerich 01 212 40 08 Good pizza, always full. Make reservations, be on time or you will lose them.
al solita pasta gasometerstrasse 26 8005 zuerich tel 01 227 26262 bettina's favorite pizza- really good
Bananen & Fruchte 079 692 10 20 Aargauerstr. 1b (in the train bridge) - only open Tuesday through Thursday, nice atmosphere good cheese plate and rotisserie chicken
Alpenrose 01 271 39 19 Daniel and Sophie's favorite high-end Swiss food Reservations required. Corner of Limmatstrasse and Quellenstrasse.
Blinde Kuh Mühlebachstr. 148  Tel: (01) 421 50 50  Dining experience in complete darkness with seeing-handicapped waitpeople. a unique experience...  Must make reservations far in advance.
Ristorante Cucina Luisenstrasse 40 - 01 271 3740 - not wood oven but really good pizza
Ristorante Italia Zeughausstr. 043 233 8844 kreis 4 Really good Italian food- no pizza, lot of colc cuts, nice garden in summer. between 40 Sfr per person. run by same people as JOSEF Reservations recommended
Restaurant 1001 - Niederdorf- Martin's favorite kebob and he is a kebab connoisseur...
Grüt Farm: Zürichstrasse 69  8134 Adliswil - a great family restaurant outside of zurich... it even has a collection of farm animals and a playground
Restaurant Waldhaus  katzensee  Wehentalerstr. 790  the perfect family restaurant with a collection of 1-franc rides out front, a small train to ride, and a playground- all within view of an outdoor eating area.
Morgenstern Zwinglistrasse 27; 01 242 68 30 not cheap but consistantly good italian food
Da Teresa Onkel Toms Huette Rotwandstrasse 42, 8004. 044 241 90 15 not cheap but good italian food closed Saturday and Sunday


Café Schwarzenbach , Münstergasse 19 - a great place to get a good coffee. Coffee, tea, pasta and dried fruits are for sale next door.
Cafe Felix at Bellevue, cafe with great hot chocolate and desserts.  A nice place to take visitors but not only for visitors.
Kafi Schnaps near Schaffhauserplatz, nice atmosphere, local hangout kind of place
Zähringer, Zähringerplatz 11 Nice hippy bar where one can sit outside and listen to other people discuss how much america sucks.
cafe at Bellevue has good fast espresso
Gnaedinger at Schaffhauserplatz, great bread and a cafe, we used them for catering and it was great


Pigalle Marktgasse 14. Legendary gay bar, open late.
Jules Verne  Uraniastrasse 9 Phone 01/211-11-55 At the top of an old observatory- this bar has a nice view of zurich and pricey drinks. Bring the visitors.
Moevenpick Winebar Nice place to have wine and cheese with a lot of suits... great cheese plate.
Barrique at Marktgasse in the Niederdorf   wine bar
Babalu, Schmidgasse 6.  Good place to have a drink and listen to ambient-type music.
Odeon  Limmatquai 2
Corazón, Zähringerplatz 11
Liquid, Zwinglistr. 12
Safari-Bar, Zähringerstr. 29 "just a bar" but very good at being "just a bar"
Bogdega- tapas and wine
Andorra, Münstergasse 20
Toni Yogurt Bar
Only in Summer
Kornhausbruke - In the summer, under the Kornhausbruke there are many outdoor bars along the river where you can sit outside, swim in the river and drink some wine- perfect on a warm summer night.
Reithalle Gessnerallee 8 - nice place to sit outside and drink a beer with friends. (in winter sit inside)
Schwimmbad Enge  In the summertime, Schwimmbad Enge has an outdoor bar at night.


Papiersaal, Theater and Events
Keller 62, Theater and Events
Theater Neumarkt
Junge Buehne Zurich
Theater Rigiblick
Zurich Ghostwalk

Bars with Live Music

El Lokal, Gessnerallee 11
Helsinki Club,
Zuerich Usgang,
Zuerich Events,
Zuerich Veranstaltungen,
Zuerich Agenda,
Rote Fabrik, Seestr. 395  Alternative music, inside and outside parts, changing schedule.
Moods im Schiffbau
Lebewohlfabrik Im Seefeld , Froehlichstrasse 23 - 8008 Zuerich, beim Zuerihorn-Parkplatz. Live music on weekends.
Special Stores
The Bombay Store Stampfenbachstr. 32 8006 Zurich 079 200 14 18 Good indian food indgredients.... i even saw something that resembled okra.

H. Schwarzenbach Münstergasse 19 - great place to buy coffee,
Teehaus Wehrli
El Maiz- josefstr 23 8005 zurich 01 440 58 40; Mexican food supplies, homemade tortillas
Asian Food store at Berninaplatz
Yumi Hana restaurant and store Lebensmittelhandel Sch├╝tzengasse 7 8001 Z├╝rich Tel: +41 (0)44 211 57 57
Nishi Japanese store Schaffhauserstrasse 120 8057 Z├╝rich 044 363 11 63
hardware store on Seefeldstr.
Sato Asian furniture store worth a visit even if you don't want any new furniture.
China Wohnkultur Asian antique store that gives me goosebumps. Herr. Funk Schaefligrabenstrasse 39 8304 Wallisellen 044 831 06 96, Open on Sunday afternoon or by appointment
Neumarkt 17 Neumarkt 17 The coolest furniture store... the space inside is art in itself (Who designed the inside??) and the furniture is great if you can afford it. It is worth bringing visitors here if they are into this kind of thing and you are in the neighborhood.
Buecher Brocky HUGE second hand bookshop, with whole aisle of Eglish books, prices between 1CHF and 4CHF per book Tram 6 to Bahnhof Enge or 13 to Enge/Bederstrasse. Head towards the Post Office and you'll see the Buecker Brocky signs

Web Stores

Cake Paradise cake supplies in Geneva with a webstore
American Food Avenue American Food in Geneva with a webstore
AnRa Felt clothing
Museums and Galleries

Contemporary Art Zurich List of whats going on
Migros Museum fuer Gegenwartskunst Limmatstr. 270, 8005 Zuerich Tel. 01 277 20 50 My favorite... always special
Daros Exhibitions Loewenbraeu-Areal, Limmatstr. 268, 8005 Zuerich Tel. 01 447 7000
Kunst Halle Zuerich Limmatstr. 270, 8005 Zuerich Tel. 01 272 15 15
Atelier Hermann Haller Ecke Bellerivestrasse/Hoeschgasse, 8008 Zuerich Tel 01 383 42 47. Atelier and collection of sculptures from Hermann Haller.
Hannes Keller painter his web baby, Visipix, an internet supermuseum.
Natural History Museum Basel
Mai 36 Galerie Raemistrasse 37, 8001 Zurich
Galerie Bruno Bischofberger Utoquai 29 ch-8008 Zurich
Galerie Andrea CaratschWaldmannstrasse 8 CH8001 Zurich
Outside of Zurich
Museum Ballenberg - perfect for people of all ages on a nice day. Houses from all over Switzerland were brought to this park. You can walk around the park, look at the houses and see people doing handwork like making shingles and pounding iron. My 3 year old loved it.
Einsiedeln - beautiful cloister with an unusual black madonna and horses out back, there is a row of restaurants behind the main parking area at the front of the cloister, the one with the giant colorful fish on the front has a fantastic play area for kids.
Höllgrotten in Baar (Central Switzerland) 2 beautiful limestone caves that you can walk through with some easy picturessque forest walking- suitable for small children.
Juker Farm This is farm where one can purchase pumpkins and squashes at Halloween. They have a petting zoo, a store selling fresh produce and homemade food, and a playground. At halloween, you can get lunch and sit at picnic tables to eat it.
Scuol We like to stay at the Engiadina Hotel. The best Engiadiner Nuss-Tortli is at Cantieni on the main street through town.
Bad Ragaz Next time I go, I want to try the Roessli Post tel 081 302 31 75 for a carriage ride.
W. Faessler good biber in Appenzell
Fossil hunting it is rumored that in the town of Frick you can find some fricking fossils.
tibetan monestary
Augusta Raurica "In its heyday, 1800 years ago, 20,000 people lived in the Roman town of Augusta Raurica, 15km from Basle. Many of the traces left behind by the native Celtic inhabitants and the Roman conquerors have now been excavated and are accessible to the public in the largest open-air archaeological museum in north-west Switzerland. "
Le Sultan Woelflingerstrasse 134 in Winterthur reportedly has good couscous, with sharf Merguez
Suteria Suteria has the best Solothurner cake in Solothurn
Bern (with Marcus Deluigi)

Restaurant at the Alpine Museum nice lunch place, fills and some plates sell out, good secret tip for lunch in Bern, Helvetiaplatz 4, reserve +41 31 331 22 22
Restaruant Kapitel Bollwork Bollwerk 41, nice lunches, great soup
Fugu Nydegg Great Thai & Japanese restaurant. The owners are Thai, so you better stick with Thai. .. and spicy really means spicy, not like all the other swiss restaurants.
Essort great lunch but also excellent in the evening
Restaurant Zunft zu Webern
Progr Art, people-watching, music

Brasserie Bodu 041 410 01 77 I think I ate here and it was really good.
Wilden Mann Luzern 041 210 16 66 I ate here and it was really good.
Shopping in Germany

Zoll How much of what can i bring back to switzerland?
Rheincenter right across the border from Basel.

Artists and Exhibitions i have seen and liked

Stefan Thiel at Mai 36 Galerie - elaborate paper cutting
Dokoupil Galerie Bruno Bishofberger , Galerie Andrea Caratsch - video showed as a series of small stills
Loris Greaud Cellar Door at the Institute of Contemporary Arts

Art Jewelry

Charon Kransen Arts
Friends of Carlotta
Anne Mersmann

Recommended by Dan Graur

Art Brut Lausanne
Foundation Beyeler Basel
Sammlung E. G. Buehrle Zurich
Haus Konstructiv Zurich
Museum Bellerive Zurich
Tinguely Museum Basel
Paul Klee Museum Bern
Sammlung Oskar Reinhart Winterthur
Sammlung Rosengarten Luzern
Restaurant Sonnenberg Zurich

Swimming ponds I want one.
Brunnen Paradies natural stone fountains, tonplatten, amphoren
Nephro Swiss GmbH your pond water specialist
Easy Natursteine AG natural stone supplier
Outdoor Infra AG outdoor heaters
Natursein Rinner natural stone furniture supplier
Semadeni AG artificial ponds
Fontarocca Brunnen und Naturstein AG foundtains and natural stones
Koi-Farm GmbH koi and pond supplier
Wellness I have visited

Central Hotel Soelden Food was good not 5 star, dining room hat the atmosphere of a disney hotel (crowded and loud), very nice cheese and breakfast bar, dinner was not that special, wellness area *very* nice, sauna was almost empty which was great and had a lot of variety, the hotel room was very nice but very expensive
Das Engadin Bad Scuol Roman Irish bath (nudity obligatory),
Les Bains d'Ovronnaz beautiful location but hard to reach, sterile hospital feeling
Hotel Tamina Bad Ragaz, nice but too expensive for what you get
Spahouse Bad Ragaz, we ate dinner in a bath which was something fun and different
Lavey-les-Bains Wallis, ok, 3 stars, i would go again but wont rush back, good outdoor pool, warmer than most, they have saunas for both the nudist and the people who prefer a bathing suit, also have a freezer room with ice on the floor in which to cool off, very crowded at holiday times
Morschach very crowded at holiday times, not warm enough for me but warm enough for my family
Wellness To Do list

Bodensee Therme Konstanz, recommended by Maria
Leukerbad Wallis
Hofweissbad Highly recommended
Salina Maris Recommended by Cynthia, jacuzzi in room
Schinznach Bad you can walk by the river
Therme Vals
Tamina Therme Bad Ragaz
Tschuggen Arosa redone by Mario Botta, looks great on the website
Hotels that have been recommended to me

Maerchenhotel Bellevue Braunwald, Glarus Family hotel with aquarium lift and childrens themes
Engel Tirol
Waldhaus Sils
Day Parks

Atzmaennig park with Rodelbahn, some 1-3 franc rides, sessellift, good for a first try, kids from 8 years can go alone on the Rodelbahn

Zurich Schools

Schulferien dates
Ferien camps

Stiftung Feriengestaltung fuer Kinder Schweiz
WWF Ferienlager
Climbing Camps in the french part of switzerland
StiftungZuercher Schuelerferien
Zuerich Familie
Action Family
Migros Milandia
Sacre CoeurLager Summer only, looks a bit on the religious side
Schweizer Alpen Clubfor older kids, nice snow activities
Camp Rocklooks like fun, for 9-12 years or 13-16 years
San Jon reitlager or ferien place, looks nice in Graubunden
Reithoff Langmatt riding feriencamps and erlebniswochen
Intersoccer has sometimes soccer camps around Zurich
Camping to try
Prehisto camping ground with dinosaur theme